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Eight Ounces of Healthy

There are loads of kale recipes that I don’t want to try. But the funny thing about getting kale EVERY WEEK is that eventually, you’re probably going to try them. Such was the case today. I vaguely remembered reading a … Continue reading

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Julia Child’s Baked Spinach

“This is the sort of thing that I would have hated as a child, but love today.” This was the verdict from my husband, upon tasting the creamed spinach/kale casserole. As if on cue, both kids recoiled from the suggestion … Continue reading

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Greens as Stuffing

Funny thing about the leafy greens – despite their being so easy to reduce down to nothing, when they pile up in your fridge, they really pile up. So today, tomorrow and Friday, I have three posts about my weekly … Continue reading

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Kale Potato Pancakes

Let me start this by saying that this was very nearly a total fail, and I am fairly sure that there is a much better way to accomplish what I was trying to do with this recipe – which was … Continue reading

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Kale Alfredo Sauce over Pasta

I told our dinner guest that the Alfredo sauce was “light,” and he stopped me in my tracks by saying, “I know.” At first I was horrified. I mean, how many times have you been told “you can’t even tell … Continue reading

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Meat Pie

I had the idea to make a meat pie this week, inspired by one that my husband makes with chicken and leeks and feta, and another amazing one that some friends brought over for a special occasion.  Meat pie seemed … Continue reading

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Kale Au Gratin

Look, I eat about a zillion pounds of veggies every week, and I figure that fact more than makes up for my penchant for cream and butter and pork fat. So, certainly this recipe is a bit heavy, and yes, … Continue reading

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