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Roasted Veg and Quinoa Salad

We used Labor Day weekend to finally catch up with some of the first good friends we made when we moved to CA. These were the people who finally made us feel like CA could actually be our new home. … Continue reading

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Caviar des Courgettes

I have no idea what to call this dish. It’s basically baba ganoush, only made with zucchini instead of eggplant, and basil instead of cilantro or parsley. But calling it Zucchini Basil Baba Ganoush would be like just mixing anything … Continue reading

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Summer Squash and Chicken Enchiladas

The summer squash is out in full force these days, and my current CSA sends us a moderate 4 – 5 squash each week. This is a vast improvement from the 8 – 10 we got with our old CSA, … Continue reading

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Savory Zucchini Quick Bread

Would you believe that up until this week, I still had bags of shredded zucchini in my freezer left over from the Great Zucchini CSA Deluge of Summer 2010? Well, I did. I’m not sure how I managed it exactly, … Continue reading

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Zucchini Bread

I sort of hate to admit this, but I don’t actually like zucchini bread. It doesn’t make me think of childhood, or warm memories, or harvest. To me zucchini bread just tastes like desperation with cinnamon-sugar. This week, I was … Continue reading

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Zucchini and Blossom Frittata

When we got our squash blossoms this week, it occurred to me to do a little reading up on them, since they are such a rarity in our shares.  Here’s what I learned: the squash plant is self-pollinating and as … Continue reading

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