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Arugula Flowers

Up until this week, I had no idea that edible flowers had any place in the vegetable world as things that someone might actually want.  Today I know better.  Arugula flowers, but more especially arugula pods, are lovely morsels indeed. … Continue reading

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The Share

To be honest, I always took a pretty dim view of flowers in the share.  That changed today.  We got Arugula flowers in our boxes, and they are incredible.  The flowers are a lovely soft and nutty flavor, and the … Continue reading

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Only Slightly Less Revolting Carrot Soup

This week has been a great big FAIL for me with the improvised soup.  Of course, this is the danger of cooking from a share.  If your main motivation in planning any recipe is to use up every last bit … Continue reading

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Fixing Revolting Lettuce Soup

OK, it wasn’t really that bad. And frankly, it must have been some sort of ridiculous cooking hubris that made me even attempt recipe-less lettuce soup in the first place.  Lettuce soup sounds sick and wrong, and although I have … Continue reading

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Clams Cooked in Bacon Dashi in the Dark

As I mentioned in the previous post, Sam took the kids and headed up to San Jose to see his family for the weekend.  This meant that I had a unique opportunity to have dinner with friends. I planned a … Continue reading

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The Share

This week’s share was less exciting than last week, which proves nothing except that even truly amazing farmers have unexpected variables to contend with. My whole family is going away for a long weekend to visit cousins, so I have … Continue reading

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Crack Pie

I am fascinated by rock star chef David Chang.  I can’t help it.  His mix of experimentation and utter orthodoxy makes his recipes, and the projects that have spun off from his recipes continual sources of delight.  So when I discovered … Continue reading

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