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Pea Green Pesto

Sometimes, the whole CSA things really kills me – like when you get your fifth (!) bag of pea tendrils in as many weeks and have absolutely no clue how to make them useful. This week, however, I was mixing … Continue reading

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Cucumber Vodka

I don’t like to make Christmas presents for people, because I’m generally so terrible at it. Everything I create has the look more of a fourth-grade art class project than Martha Stewart magazine. So it was with some trepidation that … Continue reading

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Meyer Lemon and Shrimp Pasta

The thing I love most about the internets is when someone I don’t even know has read something I’ve written and cares enough to comment on it. And fortunately for me, this little feat of magic happens fairly regularly on … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Use for Squash

In my seemingly endless attempts to find ways to use winter squash, we unearthed this recipe in a book called Simply in Season. The book is a cross between a Mennonite cookbook and a guide to seasonal cooking, and has … Continue reading

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Perfectly Adequate Soup

I made sweet potato and swiss chard soup last night, and it was just fine. Is there anyone out there who just really thinks that swiss chard is the greatest thing? Like you get to the end of a hard … Continue reading

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Tetrazzini alla Momma Nocito

It rained today. Rain in Southern California is one of those things that you wish for right up until the minute that it actually happens, and then you wish it wasn’t. The roads, the people, and the businesses are all … Continue reading

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When Your Mother in Law Gives You Lemons…..

My mother in law brought me a big bag of Meyer lemons when she came down for Thanksgiving. I hadn’t even heard of Meyers until we moved to California, and right around the holidays they started showing up at our … Continue reading

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