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I Was Exhausted and Stressed Out and I Made a Pizza

You should too. Since I last blogged, there have been a few nights of Panda Express or whatever, which I’m not going to even apologize for, because after swim class then rushing to dance class then getting home late with … Continue reading

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Salmon with Deliciousness

As part of my CSA, there’s this program where one of the farmers will go into the schools and teach the kids about nutrition and vegetables. The woman who teaches the in-school program is very very good at her job, … Continue reading

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Tomato Arugula Pasta

In my never-ending quest to put together simple and healthy dinners, a good quick pasta sauce is almost always a winner. In this case, there’s very little innovation here, with the exception of cooking the arugula. By giving it a … Continue reading

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Avocado Arugula Pesto

(No, I could not help myself, and yes, it was FANTASTIC) I was supposed to cook dinner today for someone who is both gluten-free and vegetarian. And, while I totally GET why you would be both of those things (even … Continue reading

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Beet Salad

It’s nice to see the beets coming around again. Maybe in a month I’ll feel differently, but I was thrilled to see the candy stripes in our share. I made this salad to accompany a pasta main dish that I … Continue reading

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Squash Galette

I feel very uncreative when it comes to summer squash, which is my own hang-up, I know. We’re only about three weeks into the squash deluge, and I’m already running low on ideas. So I was especially happy to see … Continue reading

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Sandwich Night

Thursday Night is Sandwich Night in the Thomas household, because it’s the night I most need a break from the cooking routine. I make sandwiches that come together very quickly mostly with ingredients that I already have on hand, I … Continue reading

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