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Cilantro Grilled Shrimp

Sometimes I post things that are so simple, they hardly merit a recipe.  Such is the case with this item.  Still, it’s a great way to use up green onions and cilantro, both of which are showing up regularly in … Continue reading

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Meat Pie

I had the idea to make a meat pie this week, inspired by one that my husband makes with chicken and leeks and feta, and another amazing one that some friends brought over for a special occasion.  Meat pie seemed … Continue reading

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Roast Beets with Chard

Thanks to the CSA, we find that we get our fill of beets.  In southern California, beets grow basically year-round, with only a 2-month window in the summer where it’s just too hot to grow them.  This is true of all … Continue reading

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The Share

OK, back to the regularly scheduled CSA postings:The Haul:Red Lettuce2 Bok ChoiSwiss Chard (an enormous bunch with leaves the size of elephant ears)KaleTurnipsCarrotsBeetsGarlicCilantroDillEdible flowers The Plan:Sticky Chicken with Stir-fried Bok ChoiRoast Beets with ChardSome sort of meat pie w/Kale and … Continue reading

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Asian Soup

We’ve been getting plenty of brassicas in our shares every week, and last week I got hit with the double Asian brassica whammy – 2 bok choi and a gargantuan Chinese cabbage.  I couldn’t face more than one day of stir-fried … Continue reading

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Pickled Carrots and Beets

I got the fabulous David Chang cookbook Momofuku for Christmas last year, and immediately read it cover to cover.  It’s a fascinating book – part memoir, part cooking philosophy, and part astonishingly complex recipes, all doused in a healthy dose of profanity and … Continue reading

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Overnight Preserved Lemons

Over the years I’ve had at least three of my foodie friends wax poetic about preserved lemons.  “But what do you DO with them?” I would always ask.Invariably, the reply was “Oh, you can put them in EVERYTHING.”This is silly, because … Continue reading

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