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Beet Soup

I had gotten a bit behind with the beets. When we got this share’s bunch, I still had last week’s bunch in the fridge, plus another week’s bunch in the freezer, already roasted. Even though it is the screaming hot … Continue reading

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Insert Your Own Name Here

I made this thing, I don’t know what to call it. I had originally been calling it a tarte tatin, until I was informed that by definition tarte tatin is made with apples. So I guess that you could call … Continue reading

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The Share

This week looks a lot like the last, which is good. I still have plenty of good ideas for what to do! Also, I stacked the odds in my favor by giving away a couple of my squash to a … Continue reading

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Half the Things I Want Don’t Even Exist

I don’t get to do much shopping, what with the wee ones and all. When I do, it’s usually in super-rush mode to fit everything in before the next meal or nap. Needless to say, it’s not much fun. This … Continue reading

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Fun with Frying

When I first bought the deep fryer, Sam inquired, “What are you going to do with it?” “Funnel Cake” was my tart reply, and I was shocked when Sam seemed to actually like the idea.  Who knew? Apparently some of … Continue reading

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We all know that plants convert CO2 to breathable oxygen, which is a fine reason to keep a few in the house.  What I never knew until reading The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, is that while most plants are active during … Continue reading

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Squash Butter

When I first read in The Kitchn that it was possible to make squash butter, I knew that I would be trying it out. The idea that you could cook squash down to nothingness then spread it on toast seemed … Continue reading

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