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Kitchen Remodel and Other Projects

It’s time for the big reveal! Time for everyone to ooh and ah and generally agree that it was totally worth it. In case it isn’t totally clear, we removed two walls. Although that set of cabinets in the right … Continue reading

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Mixed Grill

Maybe a decade or so ago my Father-in-Law lived in Brazil, and Sam and I went down for a visit. One of our evenings there, he took us for dinner at a Churrascaria. It was this sort of mind-blowing experience … Continue reading

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You have probably heard the whole thing about not asking how the sausage gets made? Well, I’m here to tell you to just hang that ish up right now because knowing how sausage gets made is downright awesome. Jet and … Continue reading

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In Which the Meat thing Gets a Bit Out Of Control

So far in this animal buying process, Jet has been the voice of reason. When Kent first tried to sell us on a lamb, I was ready to jump all in, but Jet very reasonably said that perhaps we ought … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been Anyway

So I’ve been relatively quiet in my little part of the blogosphere for a while largely because I just haven’t been cooking. And the main reason I haven’t been cooking was that I had no one to cook for. (No, … Continue reading

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