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More Parsley Solutions

For the Chinese New Year, Nell’s Kindergarten teacher gave all the kids red envelopes with coins in them, which is supposed to bring good luck. Nell brought hers home, opened it very carefully, took out her coins, and then put … Continue reading

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I tried to get a nice picture of the meatloaf, but there is no such thing, is there? Does any food look less appetizing than meatloaf? In the picture, I hid it a bit, behind the wild arugula and the … Continue reading

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Tetrazzini alla Momma Nocito

It rained today. Rain in Southern California is one of those things that you wish for right up until the minute that it actually happens, and then you wish it wasn’t. The roads, the people, and the businesses are all … Continue reading

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Pilgrim Pizza

The central challenge of Thanksgiving is not so much preparing the holiday meal, but rather dealing with the aftermath. In our house we can handle leftovers about two times before something more creative has to be done to use up … Continue reading

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