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I broke my foot last week, on Wednesday. I was not doing anything particularly dangerous or exciting. I just missed the last stair. And now the talus of my left foot has a decent sized crack in it. Last night … Continue reading

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Pizza Night

Tuesdays have become pizza night in our house. Sam comes home early, sets the kids up with Blue’s Clues, and then puts together a grilled leftovers pizza. It’s such an insanely nice treat, I don’t even know how to describe … Continue reading

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Super Duper Healthy Cookies

I love the idea of healthy cookies – a little treat that you can feel good about because it’s all natural and delicious. Also, I needed an activity for Nell on a rainy Saturday. So when I spotted a healthy … Continue reading

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Super duper healthy soup

Soup makes a great weeknight meal, and so when I found one ┬áthat I had not yet tried in my favorite Jack Bishop cookbook, I decided that it had to go on the weekly menu, especially since it promised to … Continue reading

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The Share

Where we used to live, in South Bend, one of my neighbors once remarked that his whole life consisted of moving things from one place to another. At the time, this seemed like a sad and true confession, one that … Continue reading

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Kale Alfredo Sauce over Pasta

I told our dinner guest that the Alfredo sauce was “light,” and he stopped me in my tracks by saying, “I know.” At first I was horrified. I mean, how many times have you been told “you can’t even tell … Continue reading

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Beet Salad

It’s nice to see the beets coming around again. Maybe in a month I’ll feel differently, but I was thrilled to see the candy stripes in our share. I made this salad to accompany a pasta main dish that I … Continue reading

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