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Pound Cake!

We skipped an Entertaining Wednesday last week, because I just couldn’t pull it together, and this week, we just barely made it work. We had two of our closest friends over, who insisted on bringing a salad, making everything easier. … Continue reading

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Chicken with Mushrooms

So I’ve been a little under the weather this week, and I’ve had about as much energy for cooking as I’ve had for writing about cooking (which is to say, none). Dinner has been largely comprised of ethically dubious meals … Continue reading

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Freezer Experiment

Tonight we ate a freezer experiment. A freezer experiment is when you take a recipe that you have no clue how it will last in the freezer, make it, wrap it poorly, stick it in there anyway, and then forget … Continue reading

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Sandwich Night

Thursday Night is Sandwich Night in the Thomas household, because it’s the night I most need a break from the cooking routine. I make sandwiches that come together very quickly mostly with ingredients that I already have on hand, I … Continue reading

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Right now, I’m letting my son play in the freezer so I can get a moment to type.

It’s not half as dangerous as it sounds. Fortunately, this recipe should be as easy to post as it is to make, and I can quickly put an end to his pulling all my frozen goodies out! Did you all … Continue reading

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In Which I try to Make Cakes out of Other Things

So Fried Risotto Cakes were not my strong suit. But somehow, when faced with a couple cups of gelatinous leftover Mac and Cheese, the only thing I could think of to do with it was try to make it into … Continue reading

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Evidence that I am NOT a Southerner

(Like you needed any.) Despite having spent 8 of my precious childhood years in North Carolina, I cannot cook anything even vaguely southern. I spent years enjoying pig pickings and hush puppies, and most of my adult life forgetting all … Continue reading

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