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More Parsley Solutions

For the Chinese New Year, Nell’s Kindergarten teacher gave all the kids red envelopes with coins in them, which is supposed to bring good luck. Nell brought hers home, opened it very carefully, took out her coins, and then put … Continue reading

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Cream of Rutabaga Soup

I’m continuing my rutabaga promotional campaign. When Sam told me that he had a giant Rutabaga in the garden, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t the giant 3lb monster that he brought home the next day. … Continue reading

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Parsley as a Real Ingredient

As opposed to, you know, a garnish or whatever. Before I get to that though, as per my New Year’s goals, I have been running. Or rather, I have been trying to run. Honestly, I am terrible at it. But … Continue reading

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Honestly, this is Not a Great Idea

I mean, it’s not something to do on the regular… I truly had no ideas for Christmas breakfast, so I decided to crowd source suggestions on Facebook and see what my friends came up with. And what everyone came up … Continue reading

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Post Butter-Feast Detox with Chickpea Soup

For those parents out there who may be curious, I’ve worked out how to make sure your kid bites someone at Preschool in three easy steps: 1) Have another kid bite your kid *on the face.* 2) Decide that the … Continue reading

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Feast of the Three Fishes

Unlike last year, this year, I decided to go super simple for the Christmas Even fish feast and prepare fish that I had at least a passing knowledge of how to make taste great (by dumping gallons of melted butter … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions, probably because after years of breaking my own vows, I’ve decided that happiness lies with setting the bar low. This year, however, I have a few general goals: Food – Eat less … Continue reading

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