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Collards on Pasta

I was starting to think that there was truly no recipe out there that would make me look forward to collard greens. And frankly, I’m still not quite there, but what follows is as close as I have ever come. … Continue reading

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Pickled Green Tomatoes

Life has been nuts lately. Lots of evening activities followed by having to work part of the weekend equals no time for blogging. I’m working my way back in here. I posted to Facebook that I had green tomatoes, and … Continue reading

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The Share

We have let the Polly Pockets into our house. A colleague of Sam’s offered him a whole bin of them that her daughter was done with. I have a policy of never turning down gifts of toys, because you never … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Zucchini Oatmeal Sunflower Seed Breakfast Bread

Could this recipe seem any more desperate? I mean, two types of squash in one bread? It practically screams “CSA overload.” Maybe I’ll rename it Last Ditch Bread. Still, it was quite good. I added sunflower seeds instead of walnuts … Continue reading

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Tarte au Citron

I made this because I wanted to pull together a fast dessert, and had all the ingredients on hand. I was amazed by just how truly wonderful this was. Lemon curd is luscious and pretty easy to make. The standout … Continue reading

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Baba Ganoush

I′ve made no secret of my tepid feelings for eggplant. Basically, I just don’t understand the point. It doesn’t taste like much, and it’s sort of slimy. Why bother? Then this week, I made Baba Ganoush.  At work, instead of … Continue reading

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The day I left the bakery for the last time, I pretty much figured that I would never make bread again. It wasn’t so much that I was sick to death of the whole thing (though I could have reasonably … Continue reading

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