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Dinner with Friends

We had fellow CSAers J and M over for dinner recently for a luscious fish meal. J has some real foodie chops, so I sort-of let her take over in the kitchen. She brought Forbidden Rice, which I had never … Continue reading

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The Farmer and the Cook

I never really intended for this space to house restaurant reviews. This decision was largely a practical one – with the two small kids, getting to restaurants is rare at best, and when we do, it’s usually pizza and beer … Continue reading

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Beet Cake

This is not my recipe, but I am the only person I know who has been brave enough to try it. Let me assure you that this cake will change the way you look at dessert for the better. I … Continue reading

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Fennel Cheesecake

I don’t usually manage to make my food actually look pretty, but come on, this is GORGEOUS. So I had this idea to make Fennel Cheesecake. Here’s how I got there. When I get a vegetable in the CSA box … Continue reading

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This Meal is Brought to You by the Color Green

I look to Mark Bittman with some regularity when trying to figure out what to do with the CSA share. This is, in part, because he is so prolific, and usually has dozens of recipes using whatever ingredient is puzzling … Continue reading

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How To Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Follow the Toll House recipe. Add 1/3 C more flour than they call for.

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Fast Peanut Sauce

I call this piece “Blurry Noodles.” Who doesn’t like a good satay sauce? I have a truly excellent recipe, but it involves having some homemade Thai curry paste to hand, adding coconut milk and fish sauce, and practically a whole … Continue reading

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