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Lighting a Candle

It’s hard to write anything in a public forum right now without being absolutely irrelevant.  And truly, I don’t have much that is relevant to say. I have spent more hours than I care to count refreshing the news and … Continue reading

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Ramen, Part Two

In boring family news, we got a new car. Although I had been happily driving my 1996 Volvo 850 into the ground for well over a decade, as it got less and less reliable, it felt like time to move … Continue reading

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Beans and Greens

I’ve spent years feeling that I ought to like beans and greens but just can’t. I blamed it on my not being southern. Jet blamed it on my not using pork properly. Reading this, I feel like we are both … Continue reading

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The Most Improbable Cranberry Relish Recipe Ever

The most improbable cranberry relish recipe ever is my friend’s mom’s brother-in-law’s mother’s from the 1950s, and it even beats that one that they read each year on NPR for utter strangeness. I grew up eating cranberry from a can, … Continue reading

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