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Lemon Muffins

I know that I’m supposed to like Mollie Katzen. Ms. Katzen is the founder/owner/best-selling cookbook author responsible for the Moosewood Collective in Ithica NY. As much as anyone, she is responsible for the original whole foods movement, making vegetarianism hip … Continue reading

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Tarte au Citron

I made this because I wanted to pull together a fast dessert, and had all the ingredients on hand. I was amazed by just how truly wonderful this was. Lemon curd is luscious and pretty easy to make. The standout … Continue reading

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Overnight Preserved Lemons

Over the years I’ve had at least three of my foodie friends wax poetic about preserved lemons.  “But what do you DO with them?” I would always ask.Invariably, the reply was “Oh, you can put them in EVERYTHING.”This is silly, because … Continue reading

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