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If despair had a flavor, I’m pretty sure it would taste like turnips

I’ve been a little quiet here this last week, and I’m sorry about that. In the last two weeks, I’ve found myself inexplicably drawn to continue writing a book I started years ago about my experience owning a bakery, and … Continue reading

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Turnip and Carrot Side Dish

The turnips have been out in full force lately, and I got a little bit backlogged with them. So this last week I made a turnip soup (because my kids will eat any blended soup, no problems), and still had … Continue reading

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Turnip Soup

Turnips are about the only vegetable I know of that CSA-subscribing adults seem to feel totally comfortable just outright hating. While I don’t hate them exactly, I don’t look forward to turnips either. And the flood of spring turnips seems … Continue reading

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Turnip Flan

When I told my husband that we were having turnip flan for dinner, he seemed genuinely intrigued.  Sitting down to eat, he remarked that I appeared to be doing whatever I could do to get rid of turnips.  I wonder … Continue reading

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Turnip Cake

One of my favorite things to experiment with is turning vegetables into dessert (see here, here, and especially here).  So when I got some gargantuan turnips in the weekly share, I knew it was time to try baking with them. … Continue reading

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