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Mashed Potato Cakes

In utter defiance of logic, my children will not eat mashed potatoes, and it drives me nuts. Not that I’m so terribly interested in getting them hooked on mashed potatoes, but if a starch mixed with butter, cream, and salt … Continue reading

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Beet Sauce

(I promise that this tastes better than it looks. This picture isn’t doing me any favors, I think.) In my never-ending quest to find more things to do with the bazillion beets that we get through our CSA, I invented … Continue reading

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Not too wet, and not too dry

After my last Strawberry Banana bread, I was determined to try again, since we still have plenty of frozen berries from last summer and fall. A strange quirk of being in our CSA in Ventura County is that you are … Continue reading

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Cognative Dissonance

I watched the Food channel while working out today. Giada was working with some obviously machine formed ciabatta (that didn’t even have the proper gluten structure that she was trying to say it had), and smothering it with garlic, butter, … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of Success

When I began this blog, I intended for it to be a place where I could write a bit about my experiences running a bakery in South Bend, Indiana (yes, within viewing distance of touchdown Jesus, if not the actual … Continue reading

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Strawberry Banana Bread, Part 2

After making my last unimpressive banana/strawberry bread (which frankly got a little slimy on about day 5), I figured that what I was searching for was a lighter version of the same deal. So instead of starting with a banana … Continue reading

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Arroz con Pollo

Every so often I make a recipe that I’m just certain everyone will really love only to find out that pretty much only the adults will eat it willingly. Such was the fate of my gorgeous Arroz con Pollo. But, … Continue reading

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