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White Chili

Sorry about the last post having that whatever-the-hell-you-call-that-stuff at the beginning for a while. Really, all I tried to do was write in Word and transfer to WordPress, which should totally happen without a great big prologue of FAIL baked … Continue reading

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Honest Chicken Soup

Not long ago I offered to make some chicken soup for friends in need of a meal, claiming, “I make a great chicken soup.” And I have no idea why I made that statement, since there is nothing remarkable about … Continue reading

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Chicken with Olives

Is it even possible to take a decent picture of chicken? Does anyone out there have any tips? Mine always looks so unappetizing. I swear the taste is better than the appearance. Served with Swiss Chard Pilaf. 5 – 6 … Continue reading

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Harissa Marinated Chicken

This is undoubtedly the first time I have ever structured a whole meal around a condiment. I saw some harissa hanging out there in the fridge when I was working through the freezer clean-out, and decided that it was finally … Continue reading

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Meat Pie

I had the idea to make a meat pie this week, inspired by one that my husband makes with chicken and leeks and feta, and another amazing one that some friends brought over for a special occasion.  Meat pie seemed … Continue reading

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Best Dinner Ever

Every so often, I make a dish that is exactly perfect and exactly what I am in the mood for at the moment. It is a rare treat when this happens. I wish I could take credit for this recipe, … Continue reading

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Arroz con Pollo

Every so often I make a recipe that I’m just certain everyone will really love only to find out that pretty much only the adults will eat it willingly. Such was the fate of my gorgeous Arroz con Pollo. But, … Continue reading

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