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The Most Improbable Cranberry Relish Recipe Ever

The most improbable cranberry relish recipe ever is my friend’s mom’s brother-in-law’s mother’s from the 1950s, and it even beats that one that they read each year on NPR for utter strangeness. I grew up eating cranberry from a can, … Continue reading

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Kitchen Remodel and Other Projects

It’s time for the big reveal! Time for everyone to ooh and ah and generally agree that it was totally worth it. In case it isn’t totally clear, we removed two walls. Although that set of cabinets in the right … Continue reading

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Here’s something you didn’t know about dates: when the date trees were dying of disease in Morocco, if it weren’t for the quick and effective work of Walter Swingle in 1927, the world would have no dates. Swingle made 11 … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Feast

Well, that was hard. I seriously wore myself right out, and spent the next couple days on a slow mend. That said, it was an absolutely wonderful meal – great food, great guests, and great memories. So despite the extra … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Part 2

According to Cook’s Illustrated, the most perfect way to roast a turkey involves roasting it upside down with salt pork draped over the back. Since the narrative accompanying the recipe makes it seem like every other attempt to roast a … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Part 1

Yesterday, basically all of my husband’s immediate family arrived for Thanksgiving. So now we have 8 adults and 5 kids in the house. Under some circumstances, this would seem like a lot of pressure, but my in-laws by and large … Continue reading

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