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11 Things

In keeping with my recent trend away from ever posting recipes, here is another totally random post! Enjoy! I promise to get back to the regularly scheduled programming just as soon as I actually cook something again. I was tagged … Continue reading

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Roasted Chickpeas

What is it about Pinterest? How is it that absolutely everything on that site looks so utterly appealing? When I first started there, I pinned a bunch of recipes that I later un-pinned because I discovered that despite the gorgeous … Continue reading

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Honestly, this is Not a Great Idea

I mean, it’s not something to do on the regular… I truly had no ideas for Christmas breakfast, so I decided to crowd source suggestions on Facebook and see what my friends came up with. And what everyone came up … Continue reading

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Feast of the Three Fishes

Unlike last year, this year, I decided to go super simple for the Christmas Even fish feast and prepare fish that I had at least a passing knowledge of how to make taste great (by dumping gallons of melted butter … Continue reading

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A funny thing about working in a convent is that if you happen to quote a Neruda poem about “the Tenderhearted Artichoke” while at lunch with the sisters, because you were all eating artichokes and it seemed appropriate, every time … Continue reading

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White Chili

Sorry about the last post having that whatever-the-hell-you-call-that-stuff at the beginning for a while. Really, all I tried to do was write in Word and transfer to WordPress, which should totally happen without a great big prologue of FAIL baked … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Pie

For those of you who know me personally – i.e. well enough to be friends on Facebook – you will know that I enjoyed my first quarterly safety meeting at my new workplace last week. We got to watch an … Continue reading

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