The Death of Special

At the risk of turning into a mommy blogger (man I hate that term), I’m offering yet another observational post on childhood. Sorry, but this is one that I have to get off my chest.

Every ten days, Elanor’s class has a “Zero the Hero” celebration. This involves a parent bringing in a special treat, then they all do their little zero the hero math lesson and eat the treat. Treats include donuts, krispe treats, and cookies. Nobody has so far dared to bring in fruit for zero the hero day.

The Kindergarten Halloween party took all day and consisted of making crafts and eating junk pasted to other junk using frosting as glue. For Thanksgiving they did a little feast (along with a jog-a-thon, thank goodness). There was a Christmas party (with dradles thrown in for good measure, of course) that looked a lot like the Halloween party but with different colors of frosting. They have had a special blow-out 100 days of school celebration, followed one day later by the Valentine’s party (read: more junk food and crafts).

Additionally, each child has the opportunity to be “star of the week.”

This is at least 15 special events in only 6 months of school. I feel like I’m witnessing the death of special.

Honestly, Eleanor can’t even enjoy it all. This is not to say that she doesn’t like it. She does. But she also has developed a threshold for enjoyment that is shockingly high for a 6-year-old. It’s hard to appreciate anything when everything is totally awesome ALL THE TIME.

Oh, a gorilla. Whatever. Do I get any cookies?

Meanwhile, Sam was at Nell’s school recently to help the kids plant in their garden. (How sweet!) Afterwards, he learned from the teacher that “this was a particularly rowdy group.” Now I would never claim to know the first thing about classroom management, but I’ve done a bunch of reading about nutrition. And I can’t help but wonder if all the parties and whatnot aren’t just making the teacher’s job harder? I mean, I’ve never heard of a class that got rowdier after going sugar-free. And last time I checked, krispe treats were not critical to effectively learning math.

The irony here is that Eleanor is going to a very good school that we actually tried to get her into. A friend of mine has a daughter that just started in a school very close to where I work. It’s a good school, not a charter or a magnet or anything, and her daughter’s teacher does not do parties at all. My friend said, “At first I thought it was a little sad for the kids, but now that I am seeing it in action, I totally appreciate it.” Indeed. Sign me up for that, please. Because it would be really awesome if I, as the mom, got to occasionally do special things with Eleanor that she saw as truly special.


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