Feast of the Three Fishes

Unlike last year, this year, I decided to go super simple for the Christmas Even fish feast and prepare fish that I had at least a passing knowledge of how to make taste great (by dumping gallons of melted butter over them). Based on the sales at Whole Foods, I selected king crab legs, giant scallops, and shrimp. I spent a small fortune.

There is nothing to know about crab legs. Thaw, boil for 6 – 10 minutes in a giant pot, serve with butter. My son LOVED it. My daughter freaked right the heck out. Whatever. More crab for me.

For scallops, there is nothing better than this, so I did it again. I had a bit of roasted yellow pepper sauce hanging out in the freezer, so I served that alongside. But honestly, all you need is butter and lemon.

For the shrimp, I wanted to do a cream sauce and pasta deal. Since it is the only recipe that isn’t basically heat through and drench with butter, I am writing it up! Based on the photographic evidence, it seems *possible* that I may have dumped some extra butter in there beyond what is called for, but I’m reasonably sure it is stodgy enough as written.

  • 8 oz angel hair pasta
  • 1lb shrimp (uncooked)
  • 8 oz white mushrooms, cleaned and halved
  • 2 Tbs butter
  • 1/2 C cream
  • 1/2 C white wine
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 C grated parm

Boil pasta according to package directions. Rinse and pat shrimp dry. In a large pan, cook shrimp in 1Tbs melted butter until they are just pink, about 3 mins per side. Set aside.

Melt the other 1 Tbs butter in the pan and add mushrooms. Cook for 4 – 5 minutes or until starting to soften. Add garlic. Cook for 1 – 2 mins. Add wine and cream and bring to a boil. Boil until liquid is reduced by about half. Return shrimp to pan. Mix the sauce with pasta and stir in the cheese while everything is still hot so that it all melts into a delicious creamy mess. Serve.

Also? There may have been some veggies?


About christianathomas

I'm a working mother of two trying to make eating well fit into our hectic lives. I also used to own a completely chaotic bakery. Follow me for tips and tricks on how to get more whole foods into your diet.
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