New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions, probably because after years of breaking my own vows, I’ve decided that happiness lies with setting the bar low. This year, however, I have a few general goals:

Food – Eat less sugar. We do pretty well with eating a ton of diverse veggies, thanks to the CSA. So about 90% of what goes in is great. What also goes in is too much sweet stuff. My goal is to eat sugar that I enjoy more and have it less often. So I will keep making excellent desserts, but try to cut the unsatisfying sweet stuff out.

Fitness – Start running again. After breaking my foot at the end of 2009, it has really taken me a while to get the strength back again. I did a bunch of other types of exercise in the interim, but I finally feel like my healing is in a place where I can start back with running. I’d like to get to the point where I can run 5 miles comfortably.

Stuff – I’m going on a shopping ban for a while. I know. With Christmas and all, this is a bit like swearing off chocolate cake right after having the biggest slice you can stomach. It sounds really easy right now. But we have a household goal of having less stuff and liking it more, and I think a 5 month rest from the consumerist tendencies will be a good way to regain perspective. I reserve the right to buy myself new running shoes if I need them, however.

I hope you all enjoyed a great start to the new year! I’m looking forward to another year of food blogging.


About christianathomas

I'm a working mother of two trying to make eating well fit into our hectic lives. I also used to own a completely chaotic bakery. Follow me for tips and tricks on how to get more whole foods into your diet.
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2 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions

  1. wlwesq1 says:

    Kudos to you guys for going for “less stuff.” I really need to do that in certain areas.

    You may want to peruse Zen Habits at The author of that blog has gone through the “simplify simplify simplify” experience, and he has some good perspectives.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! Very cool site. Nice to know I can continue to count on you to help me find things that are awesome!

      We’ll see how I actually do. Not shopping for any length of time is pretty challenging, but I have other goals to keep me busy – like blogging more and running more – so maybe if I don’t even look, I will do better?

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