A Day at the Fair

I wasn’t really planning to go to the Ventura County Fair. It’s a little too grown up for my kids at this point, and if S and I hire a sitter, it will probably be to do something more romantic than visit the 4H exhibit.

But then I learned that Ventura chef Tim Kilcoyne was using Rio Gozo veggies (my CSA) to participate in the Bounty of the County competition and I figured I had to at least check it out and represent for team Sidecar. Also, I was hoping to snag a shortrib.

Tim is really wonderful. And if I could get my hands on his creamed chard recipe, I swear I would never complain about eating chard ever again.

Tim in prep mode

 The salad – this is simplicity itself, and yet totally perfect

I did get a bite of shortrib – heaven!


What you can’t see from these pictures was the screaming boat ride that was going past the window of the kitchen at about a zillion mph every three minutes. The ride operators were absolutely blasting the perfect fair mix of Michael Jackson, Eminem, and Hotel California so loud that you could barely talk in the kitchen.

At the fair I learned that it is now technologically possible to deep fry oreos. So of course I had to get some. Really the only way I can describe how wonderful they were resorts to expletives.

Also? I love sheep. LOVE. Some day I’m going to harvest my own wool and spin it and make lovely sweaters. Some day. Doesn’t this guy look like he’s make a very fine set of sweaters?


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I'm a working mother of two trying to make eating well fit into our hectic lives. I also used to own a completely chaotic bakery. Follow me for tips and tricks on how to get more whole foods into your diet.
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4 Responses to A Day at the Fair

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am confused about your comment above about not visiting the 4H exhibit. You have a CSA. You support locally grown foods. Were you being facetious about eating short ribs? Purchasing locally grown livestock for food is a GREAT way to support our youth and local farmers. Many of the local farmers children and grandchildren participate in 4H where they learn the to respect the food they are growing for other people. The animals are healthy and inspected by a veterinarian prior to the competition. Their diets are closely watched by the people who are raising them and the 4H leaders. If the parents and the leaders do their job right, the kids raise their animals with the knowledge that they are in fact raising a food product. The animals are well kept and loved, so much so that at times the kids have a hard time with the separation. My nieces and nephew were members of 4H for upwards of 20 years in San Diego and my family has purchased 4H animals in Ventura County for years as well. As I said, I was just a little confused by your comment and would appreciate clarification.

  2. Hi! Thanks for that eloquent description of the importance of 4H. I absolutely couldn't agree with you more. The lovely animals that you see at the fair are truly a marvel, and I had a ball with all the sheep!What I was trying to convey is was nothing at all against 4H. My kids are very young, and probably couldn't make it through a day at the fair without making the experience difficult for everyone. And my husband and I never get to go out together, babysitters are expensive etc. I was just trying to say that if we do decide to hire a babysitter and go out on a date, it probably won't be to the fair, no matter how wonderful the animals are. This is probably an activity that we will partake in more once the kids are beyond naptimes and big enough to participate in all that the fair has to offer. I hope that helps!

  3. Good morning,I was very happy to read your reply. I enjoy your blog but wasn't sure if you were a vegetarian or had a negative concept of 4H. The PETA people, who do good work for animals can be incredibly cruel to the 4H kids. In San Diego there were times that the Fair 4H groups had to have people watching the barns at all times because of PETA vandalism. It was a good lesson in tolerance for the kids. I do understand about little ones so you comment about them and nap time makes perfect sense. We in Ventura County are very lucky. There is huge community support for the 4H auction from individuals and local companies and the kids at our auction get better prices for their projects than any of the other Fairs around. (LA, OC and SD).It was nice chatting with you. Keep up the great blogging!Cecilia

  4. Hi Cecilia – I had NO IDEA that there was a PETA contingent against 4H. That's just nuts. I thought everyone was supportive of the great kids and their efforts, or at least would have the good sense not to vandalize the kids' hard work!FWIW, I re-worked the first paragraph so as not to confuse anyone else about my feelings for 4H! 🙂

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