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My husband is a good cook. He doesn’t get the chance to prove it much, as I tend to assume that pretty much anything to do with food is my job. When he does get into the kitchen though, he takes the opposite approach from me. Whereas I prefer recipes with few ingredients, and will cut corners to make things simple, he makes the big, flashy meals. They always taste amazing. So yesterday, when he called me because it was our friend B’s birthday, and he wanted to have B and his wife over for dinner, I said that would be great so long as he made the meal. He decided to make Paella.

B and C came over with some morels that C had found in their yard. She was pretty sure they were morels anyway. We looked on-line at the possibilities, and they certainly looked like morels (and really like nothing else). And they definitely tasted like morels when we fried them up in butter. And still I lay awake in bed that night wondering whether or not we would all die of massive organ failure. We didn’t.

Below is the recipe for my husband’s Paella, modified to how we would do it if we were to do it again. This is a good place to start, but your Paella can also take some artichoke, peas, clams, or squid, if you are in the mood.


3 spicy sausages
6 chicken thighs
1 onion, chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped
2 C rice
4 C stock
saffron, paprika
1 lb bag of gargantuan shrimp, shell-on deveined

Heat oven to 350. Cook sausages in oil on stovetop and slice into circles. Cook chicken until cooked through. Using some EVOO, saute the onion until soft and lightly brown. Add in red pepper.

In a large dutch oven, heat rice, spices, and stock and bring to a boil. Simmer 10 minutes, then remove from heat. Mix in vegetables, chicken, and sausage. Cover and bake 20 minutes. Add shrimp to the top, recover, and bake 20 minutes more.


About christianathomas

I'm a working mother of two trying to make eating well fit into our hectic lives. I also used to own a completely chaotic bakery. Follow me for tips and tricks on how to get more whole foods into your diet.
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